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Gamer with Headphones

Established in 2020 as a homeschool academy, EVA is an online school that has kept its homeschool heart! We take the village in our name seriously by working together to support and nurture our students. Parents, teachers, and students all have an input on how our school operates and what students learn. EVA's maximum capacity is ten students per grade, which allows students to demonstrate what they have learned in a way that suits them best. At EVA, we make sure students are engaged and have fun while connecting what they know to real-world applications. We believe students should have various opportunities to gain knowledge. If your child has been looking for a program that will make them feel empowered about their learning, give EVA a try! 

What type of student would be a good fit for EVA? A caring, creative, and critical-thinking student fits EVA perfectly. A student who thrives on positive feedback would be a perfect fit for EVA. A student who learns differently and loves to choose how they demonstrate mastery of a given topic would be an ideal candidate.  

What makes EVA different than other schools? At traditional schools, students are TAUGHT; at EVA, students LEARN. We learn by discovery, research, creating, and discussing. At EVA, students engage with learners across the nation via Zoom Monday -Thursday with traditional academics and socialize by sharing interests on Fun Friday! 


Is the curriculum at EVA similar to other schools? There are two curriculum options at EVA. There is the general curriculum option where students meet on a set schedule via Zoom to engage in courses that have a real-world connection.  Our general curriculum students use resources for language arts and social studies written from a multicultural BIPOC (black, indigenous people of color) perspective. General curriculum students complete independent courses for electives only. The difference between the two programs is engagement. Our independent option is designed to support the flexible life of the independent learner, and work is completed by deadlines given for a grade.  Maybe your schedule doesn't allow for screen time, or you travel a lot or work. Whatever your reason, at EVA, you have options to choose the curriculum that works best for your situation.  

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